Recorded: System Change: COVID, Nonprofits and the Economy from Nonprofit Quarterly


Collective Impact Post-Pandemic: A Framework for Response, Recovery and Resilience from Tamarack Institute
Within these stages, what simple rules might we follow? How will these simple rules create a different future for ourselves so that we can transform our communities at the individual and systems level?

Conversations for Exponential Change Outcomes from XChange
Periodic webinars to help groups co-create a powerful shared identity, spark wide-spread resourcefulness, and build capacity to thrive virtually.

Psychological First Aid training, Johns Hopkins and field guide, World Health Organization
A humane, supportive, and practical evidence-informed approach to helping people affected by a disastrous event in ways that respect their dignity, culture and abilities.

The TDODAR Decision Model, Mind ToolsTough Times Call for Tough Action, SeaChange; A Triage Tool, Center for Community Investment
A few tools to help you reimagine your options in the context of COVID-19.

Leading Nonprofits Through COVID-19 LinkedIn group, Michigan Nonprofit Association
Connect virtually with nonprofit leaders, provide mutual support, post relevant resources, and generate community-powered solutions. 

Cultivating Mindfulness for Social Sector Leaders - How to Build Resilience and Achieve High Impact Work, Standford Social Innovation 
Sign-up for this 90-minute video that unpacks the idea of mindfulness and provides tangible, diagnostic-led actions, as well as insights into the value that mindfulness can bring to self-awareness, managing distractions, stress, and difficult interactions. 

Fostering Connection and Communication from Network Weaver - Two folders of 11 resources including tips for managing virtual meetings with care during a pandemic, building community, creating ecosystems, and more.


Making Strategic Decisions in the Context of Covid-19
How scenario planning can help.

Collaborating During Covid-19
In this podcast, Collective Impact Forum discusses how to keep longterm goals while meeting immediate needs.

Three things nonprofits should prioritize in the wake of Covid-19
"Why organizations need to examine their social impact, economic viability, and capacity to deliver in order to remain relevant and viable both now and into the future."

As reopening begins in uncertain coronavirus times, you need emotional protective equipment
"Make sure employees are psychologically safe. Listen to the people who work for you. Don’t dismiss their thoughts, concerns, feelings or experiences; ask them what they need. You may not be able to do everything they ask, but do what you can."

Freaking Out Is Part of Systems Change
"Participatory, emergent processes are inherently unpredictable. Systems change processes in particular are high stakes and complex."

Stress: The Contagion We Control
"Reducing negative — and bolstering positive — emotional contagion will help us all weather this very unpredictable storm, together."

How to lead through a crisis
"If you are in charge, take charge. Be proactive; take initiative. Do something even if it might be wrong; paralysis or over analysis is riskier. As you make decisions and take action, communicate those actions truthfully and honestly."

Resilience Is Not A Luxury: It Is Critical to Our Survival 
"Confronted with these sources of traumatic distress, we can either allow ourselves and others to be traumatized or we can actually learn to thrive in the face of such adversity and boost or evolve our individual and collective functioning to a higher order of positive adaptation and thriving. There are a lot of common sense things we can do to become more resilient, and they're all enhanced by mindfulness. I'm going to offer self-regulation practice and mindfulness-based resilience building exercise at the end of this article."