Review our grant criteria and requirements prior to the meeting. We will discuss your proposal and help you navigate our application process. We can help you work through some of the following priority areas our board will consider in reviewing applications.

By the time of your grant application, will your proposal:

  • Include evidence that shows community need for the project? 

  • Include input from constituents on project design? 

  • Describe how your initiative will be broadly accessible to the community and how you have considered barriers to access? 

  • Have acquired any required governmental approval (zoning, permitting, etc)?  

  • Include detail on how requested funds will be shared among project partners, if applicable (required for Systems Change Accelerator)? 

  • Include an in-kind or cash match (secured or pending) for at least 50% of the total project cost (Assets for Thriving Communities) or 10% of the total (Systems Change Accelerator)?