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    Our Vision:

    A Region that is Fair, Thriving & Resilient.

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    Our Vision:

    A Region that is Fair, Thriving & Resilient.

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    Our Vision:

    A Region that is Fair, Thriving & Resilient.

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    Our Vision:

    A Region that is Fair, Thriving & Resilient.

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    Our Vision:

    A Region that is Fair, Thriving & Resilient.

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    Our Vision:

    A Region that is Fair, Thriving & Resilient.

Resources For Change



We provide financial resources to changemakers, investing over $60 million in the 5-county Grand Traverse region since 1977.



We offer learning experiences to help changemakers in our region work better together.



We connect changemakers with resources and opportunities that support meaningful change in our region.

"We want to make transformative change."

Our staff, board and partners reflect on what becomes possible as we move our focus upstream, together.


Our Grantees In Action

We've supported hundreds of local organizations over the years who make the five-county region a unique place to learn and grow. We're honored to work in partnership with grantees to build a region that is fair, thriving and resilient. 

Glen Lake Community Library


Renovation & expansion



Clean Energy counseling for institutions

Grand Traverse Conservation District

Grant Recipient

Arts For All


Art Escapes program in special education classrooms

Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology


Capacity building

Inland Seas Education Association


Discovering the Great Lakes program

El Grupo Norte


Strong TC project

TART Trails


Completing the Boardman Lake Loop 

Working Better Together

We feel fortunate to support good work in our community financiailly, but we are just as proud of our efforts to connect and work alongside changemakers in our region through opportunities to learn and collaborate. Together we create the conditions for more meaningful change.

Our Leadership Learning Lab sweeps lower northwest Michigan:

Learning Together 

The nonprofit sector is evolving toward a new kind of workplace culture that is more adaptive and community-driven. Our courses integrate emerging practices with local connections to support Michiganders working for change.

Leadership Coaching

Today’s complex world is calling on us all to lead with a new kind of courage and skill. Partner with Lucille Chrisman, Leadership Development Coach, to take action toward personal and professional change.

Learn More


Workshops & Group Learning

From lunchtime workshops to 8-month leadership cohorts, we offer a variety of learning techniques to help changemakers work better, together.

Check out our Events Calendar

Our Mission:

We’re working together to address our region’s complex problems & create community assets for all.

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