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The Capacity Advisory Pool is comprised of a talented group of specialists who are available to help you address your organization's challenges and growth. 

"These free hours of consultation have been incredibly helpful. The consultants have been responsive, quick to answer my requests, and seemed sincerely interested in helping me find answers. This support has filled a perfect niche and met my non-profit's needs trying to navigate so many new issues. Thank you for your creative assistance!" - CAP Support Recipient

How it Works

Up to five free one-hour phone/video consultations are available for organizations that serve Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, and Leelanau counties. Services are now available for Manistee County with support from Manistee County Community Foundation.



  • Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, unit of government, or Native nation serving Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska or Leelanau Counties. 
  • Approval of requests will be made based on:
    • Description of need or challenge
    • Description of the impact the challenge has had on the organization
    • Urgency of the issue and availability of consultants
  • Up to five hours of free consultation is available per organization per Rotary Charities fiscal year (July through June). 


How to Request Support

  • Capacity Advisory Pool requests are accepted throughout the year via the request form linked. Users must register for each hour-long consultation separately, even if it is with the same specialist.
  • Our staff will be in touch to make recommendations and facilitate a connection to a consultant.
  • Participants must complete a brief Evaluation Survey within 30 days of completing the consultation. Survey results will be used to help adapt the program.
  • Contact Kendra Luta with questions.

"Being part of the Capacity Advisory Pool means clients can leverage the diverse strengths of experienced professionals who are also passionate about building and nurturing community."
 - Megan Motil, CAP Consultant


Meet the Consultants

Courtney Bierschbach, Solution Weaver bio
Areas of expertise: Technology; Meeting design and facilitation

"I love learning about the diverse work occurring in our area. I always think I know what's going on with the nonprofits, and then I meet with them about a project and am blown away by the variety and magnitude of the projects they truly cover in our region."

Lucille Chrisman, Coach Works bio
Areas of expertise: Adaptive leadership and coaching; Organizational culture; Communication styles; Strengthening teams & collaboration

"As a coach and consultant, it is exciting to know I am helping support our community in meeting their goals and overcoming barriers/challenges along the way.  The Capacity Advisory Pool has a ripple effect beyond the immediate service provided in that it creates a safety net that demonstrates we all matter in this community and you do not need to do it alone."

Sarah Ely, Crescent Hill Consulting bio
Areas of expertise: Meeting design & facilitation; Liberating Structures; Process improvement & reliability


Tim Ervin, bio
Areas of expertise: Partnership agreements & collaboration; Fund development; Mergers; Building community fiduciaries

Kate Greene, Human Resource Partners bio
Areas of expertise: Human Resources; Organizational culture
"I have enjoyed learning about the amazing range of non-profits in our area, and feel honored to work with leaders of this caliber. I'm very glad they are in our community!"

Julie Hay, bio
Areas of expertise: Grant writing & application support; Funding opportunity research; Working with municipalities

"I'm humbled to be included among such great thinkers and excited to see how this opportunity will allow me to contribute to my community and grow as a human."

Colleen Masterson-Bzdock, Wavelength Consulting bio
Areas of expertise: Meeting design & facilitation; Time management; Organizational culture
"I love being able to provide 1:1 support in this way. It is responsive, timely, and relevant. Changemakers are so appreciative of our time together, and it feels great to be helpful and supportive."

Beth Melcher, MoneyFit bio
Areas of expertise: Financial management; QuickBooks Online
"Small business and nonprofit organizations are the fuel of our community. Anything we can do to help get them rolling, we are thrilled. I love that we are teaching people to carve out a thriving place of their own.  Financial awareness is key to long-term success."

Rebecca Millican, Olson, Bzdock & Howard bio
Areas of expertise: Legal & liability; Nonprofit organizational structure
"I am pleased to help make legal services available to those in our community to whom it may seem out of reach."

Megan Motil, Parallel Solutions bio
Areas of expertise: Partnership agreements & collaboration; Decision-making & strategic action; Meeting design &facilitation 
"When a coaching and consulting client leaves a session with me, my hope is they feel supported, seen, heard, valued, and understood. I also hope they've gained clarity about their direction, contemplated something new, or received guidance about an approach, practice, or resource in support of the next intentional steps they feel ready and empowered to take. ​​​​​​"​

Christie Perdue, The Solvent Group bio
Areas of expertise: Fund development; Communications

"I love working with smaller organizations and getting them started in the right direction with fund development. Always love these meetings!" 

Attia Qureshi bio
Areas of expertise: Adaptive leadership & coaching; Organizational culture

Julie Ann Rivers-Cochran, Blackbird Consulting bio
Areas of expertise: Nonprofit management; JEDI; Disaster & crisis response, preparedness & mitigation
"People commit to nonprofit organizations because they are passionate about serving their community. This passion is one of the reasons I feel privileged to do this work. It's a joy to help nonprofit boards and staff build capacity so that their passion translates into great impact."

Anthony Rupard, Solvent Group bio
Areas of expertise: Fund Development; Strategic Planning

" I have a passion for coaching and supporting nonprofits. I believe nonprofits are a critical engine that helps transform and sustain our communities. My favorite part about partnering with nonprofit clients is helping them scale their mission to new heights."

Renee Sovis, Neithercut Philanthropy Advisors bio
Areas of expertise: Grant application support; Foundation relations

"There is an incredible network of nonprofits doing important work in our community. To have an opportunity to be a small part in elevating their impact is an honor and a privilege."

Desiree Worthington bio
Areas of expertise: Fund development; Campaign readiness; Major gift program development

"Non-profit organizations play an important role in enhancing the quality of life in northern Michigan. It is an honor to help strengthen vital missions in our region."