We support the convening, planning & capacity building that make projects possible. Our Seed grants make small investments with potential for big impact.


What We Fund

Seed grants fund the beginning stages of projects with the potential for broad community impact that may eventually be strong applicants for an Assets for Thriving Communities grant or a Systems Change Accelerator grant.

Finding the way into deeper collaboration, learning and adapting – as described in our Grant Criteria below – often requires that we pause and take stock of where we are and where we want to go. Whether you’re developing a new community asset or trying to change an entrenched system, new ways of working may require coaching, consulting, and facilitated processes. Seed Grants can help support this type of groundwork that must happen before the rubber ever meets the road. You have heard us and others say, “go slow to go fast.” Seed Grants are part of our “patient capital” that helps build strong foundations for deeper impact. Learn more about our previously awarded grants

Potential Grant Uses

  • Convening stakeholders and networks to better understand a community problem or need, and opportunities for development

  • Community planning to implement high priority projects

  • Strategies to engage stakeholders

  • Feasibility studies, market analyses, needs assessments, other research

  • Planning or piloting new strategies and/or aligning actions with others 

  • Assessing and building the capacity of organizations, partners, or networks to move forward together

  • Organization, partner or network development activities – especially those that will improve connectivity, learning, and the ability to adapt and respond to changing conditions

  • Designing processes and tools for deeper learning

Our Grant Criteria

We evaluate every grant application using our Guiding Principles as a lens.  


Additional information, including details on how we score applications, is available in our grant guidance document.


Get Started

Begin by scheduling a  Pre-Grant Meeting with Freya (systems-focused grants) or Kristin (assets). Before you meet with our staff, please review the Grant Seeker's FAQ.

Prepare for your application by reading through the application questions.

When you're ready, apply online. If you have any trouble with the online application, consult the troubleshooting guide, or contact us.