Investments in local opportunities have the potential to attract new resources to our region. We’re taking the lead with our Impact Investments.

We've invested portion of our endowed assets in partners who support community projects with low-interest loans. Our investments are drawing attention to our region, empowering innovators to meet community needs that aren’t served by the existing marketplace.

Investing in Economy

Loans for small businessess

Venture North

Investing in Communities

Resources for low-income communities and people with disabilities


Investing in Housing

Equity & patient capital for workforce housing

Michigan Community Capital

Investments at work in our community

by sakura
We've unlocked a portion of our endowed assets for financial & social returns, in support of nonprofit projects

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by admin
Mark VanderKlipp opens a window into our learning community

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by colleen
On rearranging your expectations to make space for what is important

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by lucille
You can rewire your brain and improve your leadership capacity. How, you ask?

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