Freya Bradford

Director of Systems Change & Learning

Freya partners with a diverse cohort of regional initiatives aimed at tackling the roots of our most complex problems by facilitating our systems change grant category, community of practice, and systems change coaching pool. Her career has focused on social change and learning across philanthropy, Native American tribal governments and justice systems, and public health. Her approach is rooted in a systems view that centers curiosity, relationships and interconnectedness, and a shared responsibility for the whole.

Freya holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Social Work from Michigan State University with a concentration in Administration, Social Policy, and Evaluation. She recently completed an 8-month learning program with the UK-based School of Systems Change, Investors in Change, and holds a certificate in Systems Practice from the Acumen Academy. She lives in Traverse City with her husband, two children and two yellow dogs.  

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Systems practice offers a new way forward to make durable progress on complex problems.

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