Guidance for Grant Seekers

by Miriam August 11, 2021

Rotary Charities envisions communities that are adaptive and thriving for everyone, and we're committed to working in partnership with changemakers to help us all get there. 

We're invested in the work of our grantees and are committed to providing the funding, learning, and connections that local nonprofits need to be successful.

As the deadline to apply for our Fall 2021 Grant Cycle approaches, we're sharing some resources that may be helpful as you submit your application.

Our Guiding Principles





Over the years, we’ve learned from our grantees and partners that long-lasting results involve deep collaboration, creative use of existing resources, and flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. Your successes and challenges have paved the way for our learning. Just as we evaluate our own work in these 6 areas, we also use these criteria to evaluate grant applications. 





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Getting Started





Before you apply for a Rotary Charities grant, learn about our grants to identify which category would be the best fit for your initiative. 
A pre-grant meeting with our staff is required before submitting an application for Assets for Thriving Communities (ATC), and Systems Change Accelerator (SCA) grants.
If you missed the pre-grant meeting period for our Fall cycle, consider preparing to apply in the Spring. If you're not quite ready for an ATC or SCA grant, consider whether a Seed grant is right for you. Seed grant applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and are due on the first of each month.



Be Prepared





Several resources intended to clarify the grant application process and requirements are available on our website.
Familiarize yourself with our grant guidelines, which can be found in our Grant Guidance Document. Within this document, you'll find our grant criteria, guidance on what we're looking for in grant applications, and even our scoring rubric
Prepare to apply by reading through the application questions for ATC and SCA grants.






How to Apply



All grant applications must be submitted online through our SurveyMonkey Apply portal. Need help? See the troubleshooting guide or email for assistance.






Fall 2021 Grant Cycle Timeline



Through August 13, 2021 Pre-grant meetings



September 1, 2021 Applications due

October 31, 2021 Grant reviews complete

November 2021 Decisions and notifications













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