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Michigan Legacy Art Park goes virtual

When COVID-19 changed the way they interact with educators, the art park leveraged years of materials to create a beautiful field guide for online learners.
When it became clear field trips couldn't be a priority for schools in 2020, Michigan Legacy Art Park jumped on the chance to make their forested sculpture collection……

The Rock looks toward the future

This center of community care is growing with Kingsley neighbors in mind.
When an abandoned EMS building off the main street in Kingsley was targeted for demolition, neighbors saw an opportunity. Led by founders Diane and Dan Walton, they built a space w……

From Seed Grant to Systems Change

It started as a group of colleagues who just wanted to better understand recycling in our region.  But thanks to a Seed Grant, their work grew into a Systems Change Accelerator grant matched with State funding.
Approx. 4 minute read We know that changemakers and their partners have the capacity to create enduring impacts in their community. They think big and tackle complex issues &mda……