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Adults can learn new things

You can rewire your brain and improve your leadership capacity. How, you ask?
What does it take to be an adaptive leader today? A willingness to practice new habits of thinking and behaving. You may think, "If only I could rewire my brain to become a better ……

Community of Practice flocks together

Mark VanderKlipp opens a window into our learning community
By Mark VanderKlipp, Learning Steward for the Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center Public Will Campaign Originally published at As a part of our Systems ……

New habits for collaborative leaders

In this video series, Leadership Learning Lab alums share how their practice has shifted.
Leadership Learning Lab alums are trying on new habits to connect and lead the way toward a more resilient region. They share how their learning journeys are impacting their organi……

Tech Tips, Part Two

Tools For Engagement And Collaboration In The Virtual Space
Approx. 4 minute read It’s been just over one year since Governor Whitmer declared a state of emergency in response to the first cases of COVID-19 in Michigan. During the ……

Transforming Disruption into Resilience

Resilient responses to crisis reveal hidden capacities and opportunities to reimagine and improve
In many ways, our lives will never be the same as they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. Many individuals, businesses, and organizations have demonstrated remarkable resilien……

Transform Your Organization by Creating a Learning Culture

Open opportunities by elevating individuals.
In many ways, it may feel like your work has become more demanding in the last year or so. As we continue to navigate the challenges of working from home, juggling deadlines, famil……

How can impacts truly be measured?

Ripple Effects Mapping blends appreciative inquiry and mind mapping to measure a broad range of program impacts.
We know from our nonprofit partners that assessing the impact of their work on the community can be challenging to identify and demonstrate — especially when that work i……